nelsonmandelabayTimesLIVE reports that a 48-year-old former administration clerk of the Nelson Mandela Bay metro will be sentenced on 4 May for fraud and forgery.

Stephanie Reeners pleaded guilty at the Port Elizabeth specialised commercial crimes court to 448 counts of fraud and forgery, amounting to just over R640,000. She committed the crimes between February 2012 and November 2017. Reeners pleaded guilty to receiving payments directly from clients.  She further pleaded guilty to attaching fictitious payment receipts to the tax invoices and, in so doing, gave the impression to the building inspectorate that the cashiers at the treasury division had received the payments. But she never handed over the money. During her tenure as a clerk at the municipality’s central information centre (CIC), Reeners volunteered to perform some of the duties of the CIC assistant, including submission of building plans to the building inspectorate division. Reeners also pleaded guilty to three counts of forgery, which she committed in November 2017 by using her supervisor’s salary advice to create three false salary advices under her name.

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