newsTimesLIVE reports that South Africans have widely adopted face masks to counter the threat of Covid-19 infection, but are slipping on social distancing and hand washing.  

This was shown by the latest National Income Dynamics Study — Coronavirus Rapid Mobile survey (Nids-Cram).  Reported mask wearing has increased for all groups over time, irrespective of Covid-19 beliefs, the survey revealed.  In July/August, 74% of respondents reported mask wearing, which increased to 78% in November/December.  Hand washing, however, decreased over the same period from 60% in July/August to 53% in November/December, and physical distancing also decreased.  In the latest survey, the percentage of respondents who thought they “were likely to get Covid-19” decreased from 43% in July/August to 38% in November/December.  Furthermore, the percentage of respondents who believed that one “can avoid getting Covid-19” increased from 82% in July/August to 84% in November/December.

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