MineralsCouncilSAMining Weekly reports that the Minerals Council SA (MCSA) last year announced plans to undertake a series of surveys to better understand the progression of Covid-19 in local mining operations and it has recently received the results of the first phase of seroprevalence surveys.  

The results show that the number of individuals with antibodies to Covid-19 was 21%.  The surveys were conducted by two large companies towards the end of 2020.  MCSA health head Dr Thuthula Balfour on Thursday advised that the council planned to conduct two more rounds of surveys to add to the body of knowledge available on the disease.  To date, the SA mining industry, which comprises 471,962 individuals, has experienced 27,943 positive cases of Covid-19, with 1,193 currently being active.  The council also reported that, to date, Covid-19 has resulted in the death of 301 people in the industry, while 26,449 of those who tested positive having recovered thus far.  Of the total deaths, patients with one or more comorbidity accounted for 82.1%.  Within the industry, the platinum sector has thus far accounted for the most cases and deaths.  Also, the mining industry, which has developed significant Covid-19 testing capability, has thus far undertaken 106,744 tests.  

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