newsTimesLIVE reports that SA’s cash-in-transit (CIT) industry has been thrown into turmoil after a gang of armed robbers hijacked an SBV officer and strapped a bomb to him as he serviced an ATM.  

The attack, which took place on Saturday in Macassar, Cape Town, was the first of its kind, according to criminologists.  Dr Hennie Lochner commented:  “This is alarming. It’s a totally new tactic, and is driven by the improved security to cash vans.”  He said that news of the new modus operandi would spread quickly among CIT robbery gangs and went on to warn:  “This is going to get a lot worse. It shows how vulnerable CIT guards are. What happens when these robbers start strapping explosives to civilians?”  In a statement on Saturday, SBV said an unknown number of suspects were involved in the attack.  “While servicing an ATM, two of our first-level maintenance teams were hijacked and were later released unharmed on the N2 near Macassar. One of the staff members had an explosive device strapped to his body, which has been disarmed and safely removed from the scene.”  SBV Group CEO Mark Barrett pointed out that criminals continued to invent “new, brazen and more violent ways in an attempt to get to the money.”  Grant Clark, Cash-In-Transit Association of SA head, said the new modus operandi posed a new level of threat to the CIT industry, its staff and the public.

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