MineralsCouncilSAMining Weekly reports that more border openings are wanted by the mining industry for returning foreign mineworkers.  As of Thursday last week, not a single foreign mineworker had re-entered SA from neighbouring foreign countries.  

Nikisi Lesufi of the Minerals Council SA (MCSA) advised that only a limited number of border posts were open and that the volume of returning mineworkers was such that the opening of more border posts was wanted.  Four thousand workers are needing to re-enter South Africa from Mozambique through one border post, and 12,000 from Lesotho, also through one border post.  “If the numbers are spread equitably among the border posts, then we’ll have a faster process of the workers going through.  That’s why we’re discussing the possibility of further ports of entry being opened to prevent congestion and allow greater numbers of workers to go through the borders at any one time," Lesufi said.  The MCSA had been expecting the first mineworkers to come through during last week, but that proved not to be possible because of the complexity of the issues, or too few border posts being opened. The council hopes to see “the first couple of mineworkers coming through during the course of this week.”  Training of teams in neighbouring countries is being undertaken to prepare the foreign mineworkers for their return.

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