healthcarePretoria News reports that health fieldworkers looking after the frail and elderly residents of Ga-Rankuwa, north of Pretoria, have pleaded with the government to supply them with protective gear to help keep them safe while working in the community.  

Sinah Masilo, a health fieldworker stationed at the Phedisong Clinic in zone one, said even though they understood the need for them to continue working despite the lockdown, they were dismayed that their safety needs were being ignored.  Masilo said all 42 field workers she was working with were still going out to deliver chronic medication and assist with the other health needs of the elderly on a day to day basis, but they had no gloves or masks to work with.  “These workers don’t have wipes, sanitisers, gloves or masks to work with and no one has been able to give us guidelines on how we are going to continue working.  Instead, we’re being told to keep the work going and give health talks to the people.  When you walk into the clinic all the nursing staff are protected and safe.  But when we ask them to give us some of those supplies to keep us safe they tell us that they have nothing.”

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