nursing thumb medium90 93News24 reports that an outpatient nurse at Butterworth Hospital in the Eastern Cape has been arrested after he was allegedly caught stealing four full boxes of face masks.  

He was allegedly caught in the act and tried to flee the scene, but security personnel apprehended him after he jumped the fence.  Eastern Cape health department spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said:  "The department welcomes the arrest and would like to call on the criminal justice system to make an example of the nurse by sentencing him to a hefty prison sentence that would serve as a deterrent to other would-be thieves targeting clinics and hospitals.”  Police have opened a criminal investigation and the health department is expected to launch internal disciplinary processes against the nurse.  "Stealing is already a crime but the fact that Covid-19 has been declared as a global pandemic means the nurse should face the full might of the law," Kupelo said in a statement.  "We would like to reiterate that our health professionals are ready to deal with the outbreak. The theft of the face masks and hand sanitisers place doctors, nurses and patients at greater risk of contracting the coronavirus," the statement added.

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