cosatuBusinessLive reports that labour federation Cosatu has welcomed approval by the cabinet of a bill proposing the inclusion of domestic workers in the compensation for occupational diseases and injuries regime.  

The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Amendment Bill provides for the inclusion of domestic workers as employees qualifying for benefits under the act and for the improvement of compensation benefits for employees in general.  The draft amendment bill also proposes a rehabilitation and reintegration framework for workers returning to the workplace.  But, Cosatu parliamentary co-ordinator Matthew Parks condemned the “lethargic speed at which government and parliament have moved to deal with this matter”.  He pointed out that the bill was processed by Nedlac in June 2018 and commented as follows:  “Almost two years later, despite repeated commitments to do so, government has still not tabled it in parliament.  This has resulted in thousands of injured domestic workers being left unprotected and uninsured.”  He called on the Department of Employment & Labour to ensure that the bill was tabled in Parliament within 30 days.

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