newsThe Citizen reports that Cabinet’s approval of the Compensation of Injury on Duty Amendment Bill will benefit about 800,000 domestic workers, who will be able to claim for injuries sustained on duty.  

Labour federation Cosatu and the SA Domestic Services and Allied Workers Union welcomed Cabinet’s approval of the Bill last Thursday and insisted it should be tabled in parliament within 30 days.  Cosatu’s Matthew Parks commented that the Bill was critical to ensure domestic workers were able to claim for injuries on duty from the Department of Labour’s Compensation Fund and that employers would be held liable for any negligence.  There are about 800,000 domestic workers in South Africa. They are among the most exploited and abused workers. To date, they have not been allowed to claim for injuries on duty,” he noted.  But, Parks condemned the slow pace at which the government and parliament had moved to approve the Bill.  According to the domestic services union’s Western Cape organiser Gloria Kente, the Cabinet’s approval of the Bill was a major breakthrough for domestic workers, as they had been advocating for the passing of the Bill since 1993.

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