employment thumb100 BusinessLive reports that one of a raft of proposals made by Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) executive director Ann Bernstein on Thursday was that the government has to shift its industrial policy from a focus on capital-intensive industries towards labour-intensive ones if it was to make any inroads into the unemployment catastrophe.  

She was speaking to the Cape Town Press Club on the findings of a report recently released by the CDE.  She compared the highly capital-intensive automotive industry, which benefited from government subsidies, with labour-intensive industries such as tourism, clothing, toy and electronic assembly, and business process outsourcing, which should be the focus.  With about 10.4-million people unemployed, SA has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.  Bernstein stressed the need for a new approach to the jobs crisis because the current approach was not working.  “Government policy choices have produced an economy that needs less and less unskilled labour, and yet this is the one resource which SA has in abundance,” Bernstein pointed out.

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