legalaidsaStaff members at Legal Aid SA went on strike on Monday over a variety of employment grievances, including benefits and budget cuts.  

National spokesperson for the state entity, Mfanafuthi Shabangu, said in a statement:  â€œThe primary issues of dispute revolve around the reduction of a limited number of employee benefits as a result of the severe budget shortfalls that Legal Aid SA has experienced over the last few years.  The reduction in these benefits, such as the rightsizing of our Group Life Scheme, was done as a last resort in order to avoid retrenchment of staff.”  A certificate of non-resolution of a dispute was issued on 6 December 2018 by the CCMA, thereby making the strike protected.  Shabangu commented:  "The disruption of many court matters will be an inevitable consequence of this strike action.  Our local management teams will liaise with relevant officials at each court to determine how best we can continue to provide services to priority matters.  Walk-in clients are still welcome at Legal Aid SA offices, and will be able to access legal advice."  Shabangu added that they hoped the issues would be resolved soon.

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