southafricalogoANA reports that St Albans Prison in the Eastern Cape will not see a solution any time soon as far as staff shortages are concerned, an issue which aids the gangsterism within the prison walls.  

While the Department of Correctional Services has an approved anti-gang strategy in place, it cannot be fully implemented due to prisons being under staffed.  Deputy Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Thabang Makwetla, was in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday and met with ex-convicts who now represent the SA Prisoners Association for Human Rights.  On 26 December last year, mayhem broke out when 33 prisoners attacked guards in the dining hall.  The violent stabbing spree resulted in three inmates losing their lives and the injury of 13 officials.  During May this year, two prison warders were stabbed by inmates at the awaiting trial section following an altercation.  Makwetla said the problem was scary “because our budgets do not suggest that there’s going to be a solution anytime soon.”

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