gideonduplessisGideon du Plessis, general secretary of trade union Solidarity, points out that overseas employers are very keen to employ South Africans because we are known to be such hard workers.  

But unfortunately this trait is to the detriment of our health and can lead to the disintegration of family life.  Workers, their families and the SA economy are paying the price for overworked employees, who are workaholics and among the most stressed out in the world.  Employee absenteeism, mainly related to workplace stress and burnout, is costing our economy up to R16 billion per year.  Du Plessis goes on to describe, with specific examples, how to promote a work-life balance.  He states that:  “As trade unions we will have to pay more attention to occupational health and striking a work-life balance for our members, given the negative impact an imbalance has on employees, their loved ones and society.”

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