pravingordanTimesLive reports that a new business and government partnership to help young people get a job for a year will be announced within the next few weeks.  

This is according to Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, who suggested radical "change" was needed to break the back of youth unemployment.  He was speaking to members of the investment community at the inaugural BDFM summit held in Sandton on Tuesday.  After a year of work experience young people were more likely to remain in the economy and be able to get jobs, Gordhan pointed out.  Workforce management group Adcorp's labour law expert John Botha said the project Gordhan was referring to was one in which business had been challenged to create 100,000 youth internships by 2020, taking in young people for a year at a time.  Botha noted that the youth jobs project was "not a legislated initiative such as the youth wage subsidy".

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