ceppwawuBusiness Report writes that members of the Chemical Energy Paper Printing Wood and Allied Workers’ Union (Ceppwawu) found themselves in a quandary and were forced to shelve serious internal issues to join a strike in the petroleum and pharmaceutical sectors three weeks ago.  

They are demanding a 9% salary increase, and improvements on shift allowances, but have failed to have a significant impact on fuel supply.  Members say they are concerned about their union’s incapacity.  Ceppwawu has been described as “dysfunctional” and had a close brush with de-registration last year.  Following poor picket attendance, union general secretary, Simon Mofokeng said it was to be expected that after having been on strike for a number of weeks, some members would begin to stay home.  He rubbished claims the strike had been held to galvanise support for the union.

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